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  • Impact of Obama Administration on Community Colleges
  • Posted By:
  • Tom A.
  • Posted On:
  • 27-May-2016
  • The Obama Administration has been concentrating on higher education from the time it has taken over. There are multiple steps to ensure education can be accessible to all classes and sectors of society.

    There have been many proposals put forward by this administration and many of these have been implemented. This ensures a better future for the students with less of burden of paying back the student loans.   President Obama is sure that just a diploma is not enough for the success of  the economy and thus, the changes.

    The Two years Community College Free Proposal

    It is a known fact that there is a fierce competition in the global economy and an economy depends on the skills and education of the youth. Keeping this in focus, President Obama proposes to have the largest amount of college graduates by the year 2020, with the community colleges being able to produce at least 5 million. This proposal of having community colleges free for the initial two years will be able to lure more students.

    Community colleges work out an ideal choice for students due to their easy admission policies, convenient locations and course schedules which are flexible. These colleges work hand in hand with the government, industry and different businesses to create programs which are tailored for needs like nursing, technology, green jobs, manufacturing and more. This proposal of the Obama Administration seems apt for these colleges.

    Community Colleges and the many benefits

    There are multiple reasons due to which the Obama Administration is inclined to make community colleges free for the initial 2 years and some of them are:

    * There are multiple scholarships available in community colleges for transfer students, which means, it is not essential for students to get high grades to avail these scholarships. These scholarships can be applied for easily from the different websites.

    * These colleges are located in various places which can help a student save on the travelling cost and time. There are chances of you being able to live with your family if a community college is located close by.

    * A community college works well with those students who are doubtful about which course they wish to major in. Joining a private college and then realizing that the chosen line is not suitable might not only cost you a whole lot of money but also waste a lot of your time. With multiple courses offered in community colleges, you have the freedom to change to the line of your choice.

    Community Colleges and the Economy

    Making these colleges free for the initial 2 year,. The Obama Administration is sure to get skilled and educated workers in many sectors. With the resources provided by the administration, the community colleges will be able to:

    1.  Work with different businesses and create pathways for careers through which the workers can earn promotions and credentials through the education program on the work site. Colleges will be able to work in close association with the employers.

    2. Basis skills will be taught and integrate vocational and academic classes with developmental classes.

    3. The needs of the students can be looked into with personalized services of the comprehensive kind so that they are able to plan their careers and graduate accordingly.

    4. There can be an option of online courses with multimedia software, interactive tutors and simulations which can be helpful in teaching the students more and in a better manner.


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