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  • Affordability and Accessibility of Higher Education
  • Posted By:
  • Karen W.
  • Posted On:
  • 16-Jun-2016
  • From the time Obama has take over office he has focused on the aspect of higher education in the United States and how to go about making this affordable and accessible to all income groups. Though all the reforms and plans have not been implemented but certain changes have been made. This has made it possible for more students being able to complete their education without major hindrances.

    The proposal put forward by the Obama Administration during the budget session can ensure that more students are able to acquire the required skills to be employed in the right manner in the course chosen.

    Likely Steps to be taken to ensure College Affordability

    Further steps will be taken if the proposals made by the Obama Administration on the affordability of colleges are implemented. This is required for standing up to the competition on global economy.
    Areas like repayments of loans and the procedures for applying for loans, college practices and the state’s role in the financing of higher education might see a whole lot of changes.

    * Streamlining the process besides simplifying it for loans

    The above is due to the fact that there are questions on the Federal Student Aid application which tend to cause a hindrance to access the loans, especially for the lower income group.

    * Moderate increases in tuitions

    The website of the ‘College Affordability and Transparency Center’ will be expanded so that it is able to provide better and more information on the different tuition fees of the different colleges. This website has a list of colleges with both, high and low prices offered for the specific courses in different colleges.

    * Repayment Systems changes

    Repayment systems which are based on incomes will undergo a change so that these can protect former students who have not got into any sorts of jobs. The Federal Staffed Loan Program will have the borrowing limits raised with the revision of repayment rules and rates and also deferments.

    Different Reforms proposed by the Obama Administration

    The Obama Administration has been focusing on the higher education here and proposed multiple reforms to make higher education more accessible and affordable to most families and students.

    FAFSA being simplified

    FAFSA or the Federal Student Aid Application needs to be simplified according to the Obama Administration , for which, almost 27 questions termed as ‘difficult’ need to be eliminated. Questions related to clergy pay and untaxed benefits for veterans need to be axed.  According to Lamar Alexander who is the Republican on the education committee, the proposal can get more convenient if there are only two questions asked for the eligibility of student aid.

    College Ratings need to be a ‘Priority’

    Obama intends to give a transparent idea on the ratings of the colleges which can help the students and their families to make a right choice of the educational institution, in accordance to the course. The administration also feels that there are quite a few states which have been lax in regulating universities and colleges which can be looked into by the ‘state authorization’ rules. Promoting education based on competency is one more step taken by the Obama administration


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