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  • Liberal Arts Colleges works as an ‘Essential” for Undergraduates
  • Posted By:
  • Chris J
  • Posted On:
  • 30-Sep-2016
  • According to the surveys performed on students, attending liberal arts colleges goes a long way in shaping their future in the right manner. ‘Liberal Arts’ colleges include general courses like, literature, arts, economics, mathematics, languages and more, rather courses only in the specialized fields.

    This education can prepare an individual for the employment sector as it provides the required skills. This education also teaches you to think for yourself besides offering you the skills required for communication.

    It has been found that liberal arts colleges offer only undergraduate programs, while large universities tend to be inclined towards graduate and research students. The happenings in the campus are focused on the undergraduate students, be it outside the classroom or even inside the classroom.

    As almost all these colleges seem to have a student population on the smaller side, it is convenient to know everyone studying here, in other words, these colleges have students who are closely-knit. This can offer a feeling of ‘home’.

    As mentioned, these liberal arts colleges are smaller compared to the universities, which make it easier for the students to participate in different activities, offering them various chances in ‘leadership’. They can explore different streams.

    Like a student, who is not inclined towards journalism, might get an opportunity to write for the college magazine. In other words, you are able to explore your abilities totally. In larger universities, you find that students are offered an opportunity in different activities according to the streams they have chosen.

    Talking about the fees, these liberal arts colleges might work out a wee bit expensive initially as compared to the universities, but they tend to offer financial aid which is higher comparatively. Scholarships are given on the basis of needs, merit and also talent. This is paying less as compared to the universities in the long run.

    There a number of universities where the classes are taken by the assistant to the teachers. This is not so in the liberal arts colleges. All the classes here are taken by professors, besides which, as there are fewer students in each class, professors find communication easier. The professors can guide each student according to their skills and advice them right.

    Liberal Arts Colleges can improve the ability of a student’s skills so that they are successful in their academic career.

    * Students opting for Liberal art Education develop thinking skills which are strong
    *Communication skills, both oral and written improve to a large extent.
    * Evaluation and using information s done effectively.
    * Students are able to work with mathematics and quantitative ideas.
    * Developing integrative thinking.

    Before making a choice of a Liberal Arts College, there are certain factors to be considered such as -

    1. Degrees/Credential offered
    2. Location
    3. Programs Offered
    4. Requirements for Entry
    5. The Extracurricular Activities
    6. Housing and Cost Options
    7. Culture, Size and Affiliation
    8. Accreditation/Quality

    This Liberal Arts Education helps students to become thoughtful individuals who are able to contribute to the respective communities with their interests besides employment.


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