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A glimmer of new hope
Going to college has many definitions for students. It would mean different things for different students. And surviving in college is another issue. You will have....

New horizons in choosing a career
The trends in selecting careers have changed big time. Gone are the days when the only option you had was to become engineers, doctors or scientists! These too,....

Grace W
Farming a new trend
What does one do after graduation? Search for jobs of course, and then the hunt for the cozy apartment begins. The new bees will happily cramp in with five other....

Grace W
Bristol Palin Speaks out
Bristol Palin, the teenage daughter of Sarah Palin, has come forward as an advisor to teens to practice abstinence. I think....

How to Survive the Economy
How to Survive a Financial Downfall? You have worked and saved all of your adult life and now you have nothing left. Your employment has shut down....

Jan R
Sports and Gym Activities
During the summer children and teenagers need to get outside more often and use up their energy. If you have the skills and are willing to help in this manner, make....

Find a Summer Job
In between school terms or after graduation can be most stressful during these tight economic times. You are competing with hundreds of other people to find a job....

Jamie K
Negotiate a Salary
So, you know you want more money? Who doesn’t, right? However, in this case, you deserve more money from your present or prospective employer-because you work....

Bill Q
Launch Your Career - Finding Your First Job
Whether you’re looking for an afterschool job or entering the workforce straight out of college, finding your first job can be pretty intimidating. From searching....

Bill Q
Career Change or Not
It happens sometimes in our lives when we start evaluate if our present careers are the right ones for us. It could be an epiphany gained through a job disappointment....

Bill Q
Campus Interview For Academic Jobs
A Campus interview for an academic job is a long process that involves interview with head of the department, interview with team of professors, teaching to undergraduate....

David B.
Look For Hidden Opportunities To Get A Job
People with college degrees are finding it very hard to get suitable jobs due to the recession. Make Use Of Your Contacts You must be persistent with your....

David B.
Is There A Better Time To Start Off Your Career Than Now?
The new college graduates hiring rate is predicted to fall by 22 per cent for the class of 2009. The fall in hiring rates was expected to be relatively flat. Employers....

David B.
How to Build Your Resume While in College
One of the most frustrating things about the job force these days is that, for most high paying, fulfilling careers, you will need a college education AND experience.....

Academic Careers Versus Industrial Careers
What now? This will be the first question on the mind of every person passing out of graduate school with a PhD or a similar degree. The intensity of this question....

Jon P.

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