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  • Types of Job Interviews
  • Submitted by pilot008 on 2009-12-18
  • Telephone Screening Interview
    What to expect: A call from an employer to screen you and other candidates for essential criteria.
    Tips: Have your job search records organized and handy. Refer to your resume as needed.

    In-person Screening Interview
    What to expect: An in-person screening for initial impressions of your attitude, interest, and professional style.
    Tips: You may not be meeting with the final decision maker, but don’t slack off. Sell yourself as you would in a “regular” interview.

    Selection Interview
    What to expect: In-depth questions on your qualifications used to evaluate your ability to fit in.
    Tips: Establish rapport with everyone you meet (before and after the actual interview). Sell yourself as a natural addition to the team.

    Work Sample Interview
    What to expect: An opportunity to demonstrate your specific skills. May be a display of your portfolio or a demonstration of your skills.
    Tips: Run through different ways to describe the projects in your portfolio. Practice your presentation until it is smooth.

    Peer Group Interview
    What to expect: A meeting with your prospective coworkers, who will evaluate how well you fit in.
    Tips: Don't forget to smile. It shows confidence.

    Group or Panel Interview
    What to expect: Three or more people who will ask you questions on your qualifications and evaluate how you fit in.
    Tips: Direct your answer to the person who asked the question, but try to maintain eye contact with all group members.

    Luncheon Interview
    What to expect: Interview conducted in a restaurant to assess how well you handle yourself in social situations.
    Tips: Pick easy things to eat so you can answer questions and pay attention to the conversation.

    Stress Interview
    What to expect: Questions intended to make you uncomfortable. This is usually a test of how you will handle stress on the job.
    Tips: Keep your cool and take your time in responding to the questions. Don't take anything personally.

    Video Conference Interview
    What to expect: A “person-to-person” interview by video.
    Tips: Practice before a video camera or mirror if facing a camera during an interview makes you nervous.

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