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  • Interview Preparation
  • Submitted by pilot008 on 2009-12-20
  • Employers interview candidates to find a good fit for their business. An interview is also your opportunity to learn more about an employer and the available job(s).
    Interviews are very important.preparation is the key. Learn about the company and position before you interview from:
    •Job description
    •Employer websites, brochures
    •Annual business reports
    •Trade periodicals
    •Manufacturers’ guides
    •Union representatives
    •School placement offices
    •Local and state employment service offices
    •Chambers of Commerce
    •Professional organizations
    •Current employees
    When you're looking at company Web sites or conducting research at a library, try to answer some of the following basic questions (the answers will both increase your knowledge about a company and prepare you for classic interview questions such as 'What can you tell us about this company?').

    Questions to think about when researching employers:
    • What products/services does the employer provide?
    • How many employees does the employer have?
    • How long have they been in business?
    • Where is the employer located? Does it have more than one location? Is it on the bus line?
    • What is the employer's mission statement or philosophy?
    • What is the company's financial situation? Is it making money?
    • Has the employer undergone any downsizing in the last five years?
    • Is the employer involved in community services? If so, what?

    Gathering facts about a company helps you answer potential interview questions. It also gives you important information on how to match your skills to the company or position. To complete a successful match, try this exercise:

    1.Divide a piece of paper in half by drawing a line down the middle.
    2.On one side, list specific skills, experience and abilities needed by the employer.
    3.On the other side, write down your qualifications that meet each requirement.
    4.Draw lines from each employer need to your matching qualification.
    5.Identify weaknesses by highlighting any areas where you did not have a matching qualification.
    6.At the bottom of the page, write down how you can and will learn the skills you lack. Or, list the other skills you have that make up for this weakness.
    This exercise will help you successfully communicate your qualifications to an employer. Targeting your skills to employer needs will show how serious you are about the position or company.
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